Why Swartzmiller?

What makes each Swartzmiller piece a collectible?

First, Michael is the only artist who embeds his own DNA in every piece. Typically a strand of the artist's hair is painted into his signaure.

Second, Michael is original, outsider artist. Stuffy, traditional artistry is not his thing. Approaching art as a revolution for all people to enjoy, not just the up and away art collector

Third, Michael employs a masterly impressionist approach, that's modernized for today's art world. Each piece commands a distinct and powerful energy not found anywhere else. Generous use of paint and a lively energy found in every piece.

Michael attacks painting as he attacks life - he uses plenty of brushstrokes and never worries about staying in the lines.

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About Mike


Enjoying a glass of wine and painting, the great escape from the real world into a dimension of visual expressionism. The escape became an addiction, constantly being fed daily from everyday life. Mike is living Picasso’s quote, Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

As a self-proclaimed “painterly impressionist” painter, Mike’s work is characterized with the emphasis more on the application of the medium rather than the realism and discipline of most painting styles; no reference to color wheels or the discipline of staying in the lines.

The unique Swartzmiller “DNA” Signature with embedded snippets of his hair [DNA Coding] is not for today, but for the provenances of tomorrow.


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