Fun Facts About Mike Swartzmiller


  • Since 2006 all original Swartzmiller paintings sold have Mike’s DNA Signature.
  • I don't stay in the lines, and I don't use a color wheel''.
  • Swartzmiller’s Studio is located in “Almost Heaven West Virginia”.
  • Mike is addicted to creating art by recycling advertising cardboard – “Do you have a Sexy Blue Cat on a piece of Tidy Cat Litter cardboard in your portfolio?
  • Although he doesn’t like the stereotyping given to “Outsider” Artists, he’s proud to be one.
  • Some of Mike’s better works were created under the influence of Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Some of Mike’s better works were created into the second bottle of Cabernet.
  • Mike teaches Free Art classes for non-profits so they can raise funds.
  • Mike's paintings hang in houses in every U.S. state except Hawaii, plus several in Canada and a beach house in Aruba.
  • Fantasy lunch with artists – Vincent, Leonardo, Pablo, Henri and Egon. WOW!
  • People forever have told me to raise my prices; 'having my name hanging in your house is more valuable than money.”
  • The "DNA" Signature is the ultimate provenance for future verification of an original Swartzmiller, just look under the signature!


The Center of the Art World is located in New Cumberland, WV