About Michael Swartzmiller


Enjoying a glass of wine and painting, the great escape from the real world into a dimension of visual expressionism. The escape became an addiction, constantly being fed daily from everyday life. Mike is living Picasso’s quote, Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

As a self-proclaimed “painterly impressionist” painter, Mike’s work is characterized with the emphasis more on the application of the medium rather than the realism and discipline of most painting styles; no reference to color wheels or the discipline of staying in the lines.

he unique Swartzmiller “DNA” Signature with embedded snippets of his hair [DNA Coding] is not for today, but for the provenances of tomorrow.



A proud WV artist, Mike's uniqueness isn’t limited to his signature. Although traditional canvases are a part of his resume, the majority of Mike’s works are created on “upcycled” materials: ceiling tile, pizza boxes, old sheet music and advertising cardboard.  The recycling bins of the local Dollar Stores, Convenient Stores and Liquor Outlet provides plenty of potential materials in creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces. 

Cardboard unlike canvas, brings its own character to the piece; print and photo advertising showing through the paint, corrugation marks and even creases add flavor.


Mike is a proud “Outsider “artist.  Outsider was coined in a book in 1972 referring to visual artists without formal training. Outsider art is commonly in reference to folk, naïve, art brut, primitive, compulsion, or raw art.  Call it what you may, this category of art is becoming highly collectible and increasing in value in the art world, including major auction houses including Christie’s and Sotheby’s: as many “Outsiders” create art that can rival traditional art created by artists with high pedigrees.

As COVID 19 hit in 2019, Mike started an “eBay Only Cardboard Art Campaign” since art galleries, coffee shops and other traditional places to sell art came to a halt.  The campaign exploded as the original 36 painting sold out immediately.

 Since 2019, over 1200 of Swartzmiller’s Cardboard Art works have sold on eBay, with a 100% Feedback Rating. Besides cardboard art, eBayer’s are collecting Mike’s ACEO Card Paintings.  ACEO is the acronym for Art Cards Editions and Originals, and originated in 2004, on eBay. Today, they are so popular that they are collected world-wide, the only rule is they can only be 2.5” X 3.5”. 

Art is pleasing to purchase and collect. Collectible Art is an investment and should include provenances to verify the artwork.  All Swartzmiller art includes the following provenances: the unique Swartzmiller DNA Signature on the front, a studio sticker on verso along with the date of creation with a signature, and a Certificate of Authenticity with a color photo of the artwork. 

NOTE: Artist Mike Swartzmiller welcomes questions and comments, please feel free to email at mike@swartzmiller.com.

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