Art Instructor for the Hancock County Arts Council.
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1ST Place "Forged in Steel" Art show - Drawing Blast Furnace

Michael C. Swartzmiller
Enjoying a glass of wine and painting, the great escape from the real world into a dimension of visual expressionism. The escape became an addiction, constantly fed by everyday life; unbounded interactions of light, color and form.

A self-proclaimed “painterly impressionist”, characterized with the emphasis more on the application of the medium and color rather than the realism and discipline of most painting styles.  Until 2019, the majority of Mike’s work was acrylic on canvas with traditional foundations of color and light.  Like Picasso’s “Blue Period”, Mike is in his “Cardboard Period”; creating works on raw advertising cardboard. His “painterly impressionist” style in combination with the characteristics of cardboard, sets the stage for creating unique, one-of-a-kind works of art. Since COVID, Mike has sold over 1500 paintings on eBay alone.

Mike’s uniqueness extends to his very unique Swartzmiller signature with small snippets of his hair embedded in the painting.  The DNA Coding is not for today, but for tomorrow as part of the provenances of his works.
Mike lives and has a small art studio in his house located in New Cumberland, WV.